Class Projects

project image Raised $100 / $1000

iPad and Accessories

jenniferfield is raising money for An iPad to enhance learning in the classroom

project image Raised $15 / $1177

Samsung Chrome Books

christieeckert is raising money for Mini laptops to practice the skills they need for the new common core standardized testing.

project image Raised $105 / $1035

Mini iPads for Mrs. Fogg's Class

karing-kids-with-miss-lenehan is raising money for Mini iPads

Raised $350 / $863

Leveled Books for Kindergarten Classroom

mrsmarshfirstgrade is raising money for Leveled book order from Rigby

project image Raised $635 / $633

Classroom Rug

shanley220 is raising money for Large rug with colored spaces for 30 students

project image Raised $304 / $252

Teaching Easel

kristiniorio is raising money for Teach and Store Chart Stand

Raised $150 / $690

Field Trip

mrsmouldfirstgrade is raising money for Field trip for a first grade class to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT

project image Raised $170 / $2195

iPad Keyboards

athomas is raising money for 30 Belkin Secure Wired Keyboards for iPad, for a 3rd grade class

project image Raised $6164 / $6164

A Set of 20 Samsung Chromebooks and a LocknCharge Cart

Miss Carideo's 5th Grade Class is raising money for A Set of 20 Samsung Chromebooks and a LocknCharge Cart

We are raising money for this project to give students greater access to technology to help develop the technical skills that are required in the world today.

project image Raised $1380 / $1380

Team Hamilton Buddy Benches!

Mrs. Broomfield's Third Grade Class is raising money for

project image Raised $1501 / $1500


Learning Strategies is raising money for

project image Raised $1725 / $1725

Buddy Benches

Mrs. Kelley's Third Grade Classroom is raising money for

Raised $0 / $690

mentor texts and headphones

Mrs. Doyle's 3rd Grade Class is raising money for

project image Raised $15 / $2300

Holmes is a Buddy to All!

Holmes is raising money for Two Buddy Benches

We continue to build on our theme of being respectful, taking responsibility and looking out for other’s safety. Our goal is to provide a place for a student to sit if they need a friend; allowing someone to be able to be that friend. Holmes is looking to be a Buddy to others who may be in need. We would like to install two Buddy Benches at our school.

project image Raised $15 / $575

Mrs. Neitzke's Flexible Seating classroom

Mrs. Neitzke's 4K Classes is raising money for Soft Cushion Seats with Carts

I am creating a flexible seating classroom to help my 4K students learn in a more comfortable environment!

project image Raised $0 / $1725

ipads for the Art & STEM classroom

Mrs. Manninen's Art & STEM Class is raising money for 5 ipads

To add to the quality of learning using technology

project image Raised $0 / $575

Mrs. Hodge's Classroom Interactive Read Aloud Library

Mrs. Hodge's 4th Grade Class is raising money for An updated collection of fiction and non-fiction picture books and chapter books to use for interactive read aloud.

Last year our school began using Reading Workshop to teach 4th graders how to read. It was so exciting to witness the increase in students' reading engagement and excitement! One important component of Reading Workshop is the interactive read aloud. I am looking to add books to my interactive read aloud library that are current, represent a diverse population, and teach strong themes - especially those revolving around kindness, empathy, and acceptance.

project image Raised $0 / $494

Mrs. Crawford's First Graders LOVE technology!

Mrs. Crawford's First Grade Class is raising money for Tablets and Protective Cases

My students love technology and I love incorporating it into the classroom as much as I can. However, being in a low income school, resources are very limited. I would love to have tablets in the classroom to enhance the learning by my students. These tablets will be used for center time, Guided Reading, small group instruction and so much more. My students truly will benefit from having these inside the classroom.

project image Raised $500 / $1150

Mr.Hass' 2nd graders!

Mr. Hass' Second Grade is raising money for Wireless listening center for classroom

We currently have no listening center for our class and have numerous CD and book titles. We want to use them again. The expensive one we bought has broken after a short time and now we are stuck without one. Best Buy called my idea a "Frankenstein" to build. I assured them it was possible because we had one. It was originally over $899 and now it's gone. We want to have a nice player for listening to our books. We also want to add a feature to show our books on the projector at the same time. We have done some homework and can purchase some new fun seasonal and content titles, the player, wireless headphones and hookups for around $500 if we use some parts we have now. Please consider donating to our classroom.

project image Raised $0 / $11500

(Key West) May Sands Montessori

Key West Schools is raising money for Families

We need help getting back on our feet after Hurricane Irma. Our school had some damage that is in the process of being fixed. However, our community is based on tourism. Without tourists, many of our parents are unable to provide supplies to their children. Free lunch is over soon but the need will not be. Any little donation helps! Thank you!

Raised $0 / $28750

Sponsor A Classroom Breakfast

Sponsor A Classroom Breakfast - SCS is raising money for lunch and breakfast to our student population in post Irma days

Sigsbee Charter School is providing lunch and breakfast to support students and families in the days post Hurricane Irma. The goal is to provide FREE breakfast and lunch for every child in our 500 student school until November 1st.

Raised $0 / $1150

Gervais Middle School Wolverines Care

Gervais Middle School Wolverines Care is raising money for A classroom that was devastated by the recent hurricane in Texas

We are blessed with a small group of students who care about what happened to our peers in Texas and want to help them get back to normal

Raised $0 / $1150

Miss Castaldini's Second Graders Raises Money for a Classroom Laptop

Miss Castaldini's 2nd Grade Class is raising money for A classroom laptop

My classroom is filled with lots of love and many diverse learners. Ledge Street is a Title 1, inner city school. This means that many of the students come from low income families. I would like to bring technology into the classroom. I do not have a updated laptop to use for our changing curriculum. With one, students can participate as a whole class and follow along with each lesson. They would love to interact and come up to show how they got their answers and teach others! With a world of information at their fingertips, it will surely be an opportunity for each them to succeed in school. With your help and generosity, I can ensure that each of my students reach the highest possible academic achievement they can despite their personal backgrounds.

Raised $0 / $460

Ms. Palmer's 7th Grade Civics needs classroom supplies

Ms. Palmer Civics is raising money for Basic classroom supplies

We are in sserious need of pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils, index cards etc.

Raised $0 / $575

Senior Center Field Trip

Dixie Attendance Kindergarten is raising money for A visit to the local senior citizen center to sing and put on a play.

We LOVE reaching out to the community to make it brighter. Our kindergarten class will visit a local senior citizen home and entertain the residents. We will take socks and other items to share with the elderly.

Raised $0 / $1150

Mrs. Ziegelmeier and Mrs. Kotach's First Grade "Be a Buddy, Not a Bully" Program

Mrs. Ziegelmeier and Mrs. Kotach's First Grade Class is raising money for We are seeking financial sponsorship in helping our first grade students participate in Taekwondo lessons and an anti-bullying campaign for an 8-week period.

We would like to partner with The Master Kris Foundation, a non-profit organization, based out of Brookfield, CT. We have reached out to Master Kris Hyun from The Master Kris Foundation, and he has agreed to provide this education to our first graders, should we acquire the money to fund the program. Master Kris Hyun, from The Master Kris Foundation, strives to develop the full potential in any child that he instructs. He enables them to embrace the challenges of life more successfully. He does this while setting the highest standard of excellence during the program, which was created specifically for elementary age children. Partnering with The Master Kris Foundation will provide our first grade students with the many benefits to Taekwondo: respect, discipline, exercise, focus and breathing techniques to regulate stress and anxiety levels, increased memorization skills, improved self-confidence, self-regulation, self-control practices, and goal-setting strategies. Our students will be taught more than just basic techniques of self-defense and peaceful conflict resolution, They will learn the cornerstones of the Taekwondo philosophy: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and determination. A portion of Master Kris’ Taekwondo program is an academically-based curriculum that teaches children how to “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully”, through bully awareness and prevention, and promotes non-violence and a focus on defense from bullying behaviors. This program fits perfectly into Danbury’s district initiative and strategic plan of restorative practices, where we are providing members of our school community with skills to encourage positive social interactions and relationships that support learning and peaceful conflict resolution.

Raised $0 / $575

Indiana Outreach to Teach 2020

Miss Beach's Caring College Critters is raising money for OUtreach to Teach 2020 Emmons Elementary School

Hi everyone! I am Brittnie Beach the ISEA Region One Representative and Co-Chair for the Outreach to Teach Committee. The Indiana Student Education Association’s (ISEA) annual community partnership event is Outreach to Teach (O2T). This annual event rewards a deserving public school with a makeover. ISEA, in partnership with education community members, spends a day cleaning, painting, decorating, landscaping and more! ISEA is accepting donations, the link is posted at the end. Thank you for anything you can donate!

Raised $0 / $173

Classroom headphones and Computer mice

Mrs. Gagne's 3rd grade is raising money for Mrs. Gagne's class is raising money top buy headphones and mice for their chromebooks

Many of our students do not have headphones and or mice for their school provided chromebooks. They do not have the money to purchase them on their own